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Allegedly Funny is a general conversation podcast, where two lifelong friends use a pre-written outline of topics to discuss in order to facilitate conversation. The show is intended to be comfy and lighthearted, and would be a good thing to listen to while relaxing or just for a good laugh.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Allegedly Funny Episode 10: Perfect First Date

    More Viewer Mail Time. More dating advice. More Alex. More Headaches. Enjoy the fellas speak the language of love, among other things, on this episode of Allegedly Funny. ...


  2. Allegedly Funny Episode 9: Lined in Chalk

    The fellas have added a new member to the ranks! Please welcome to the show new member Alex Whiteside, who will be joining Anthony & Derek from now on. Listen as they discuss clown-related hypotheticals, questionable coffee beans and horrible childhood head trauma. He fits right in. ...


  3. Allegedly Funny Episode 8: Halloween Special

    The fellas are feeling very spooky this episode! or at least, they were when they recorded it, see them discuss candy, scary movies, and more! Happy (belated) Halloween! ...


  4. Allegedly Funny Episode 7:The Noiseteers

    The fellas have a special guest today! Listen in as they discuss Anthony's birthday, noise "music" and more. ...


  5. Allegedly Funny Episode 6: It's-a-me, Anthony"

    On this episode of Allegedly Funny, the fellas talk about different foods, casting choices, and heart attack inducing questions. ...